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I hit Pollo Tropical for lunch today. I think it is the first that one opened up in this area. They are working on another one up in Cumming, but I digress.

First thought - they ripped down some excellent woods to build that, and some other really unmemorable restaurants like Chipotle along with it. I'd rather have the woods back. Chipotle blows goats.

Second thought - you'd think the place was the second coming, since you just couldn't get a place to park there the last several weeks. That seemed to ease back recently.

Third thought - my review: The chicken was actually pretty good. The ribs were not, but the chicken made up for it. I had a salad and corn souffle as sides, and the corn dish was not bad. The salad was meh, but anyway. There was also a roll, straight out of a bag from the grocery store, that I ditched after one bite.

Summary: wasn't horrible, and the service was very good. The staff was 10/10 as far as trying to make the place work,

Plus: Really good chicken.

Minus: Pepsi. I mean seriously - you are a restaurant in the Atlanta area, and you serve Pepsi?!? Atlanta is where Coca Cola was born and raised. Serving Pepsi here is, at best, bad manners. Also, the ribs were embarrassingly bad.

Ultimate impression: Not worth losing the wooded area for.


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